Crown and implant placed on my two front teeth: crown is longer than the implant, what can be done? (photos)

It's been a day since my new teeth were placed & I've noticed the crown is slightly longer than the implant tooth. I am going back this week, will the dentist be able to file the crown down slightly? I paid $2000 per tooth so they should be perfect, it's very upsetting that they do not match and the dentist did not advise me on the day! Can they fix without removing the crown and ordering another one? It is only slightly longer but now that I have noticed I can never un see.

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Reshape Crown

Hi, thanks for your question and posting pictures.

Generally porcelain crowns or veneers on front teeth can be shortened slightly without a problem.  They can also be polished to a glaze like finish by your dentist.  Cosmetic dentists do this all the time.

An important question is did your dentist show your crowns to you before cementing them on? Did he get your acceptance and "permission to cement them"?  This is common practice with cosmetic dentists, and if that was not done you have grounds to ask him to redo them without charging you again.  If he did, and you accepted them, then whether or not he should redo them at full fee will depend on the dentist and your relationship with him.  However, I would recommend that he try to reshape the porcelain to see if that satisfies you before resorting to redoing the crowns.

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Crown adjustment

Hi, thanks for sending in your question. its simple for your dentist to simply adjust the crown very slightly to get a perfect even length on both. Please discuss this with him/her.

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One crown is longer

Have no fear. It is very easy for your dentist to adjust the length of the tooth that is longer. It will not be necessary to remove the crown. 

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