Can I have fem touch?

Hi had a "sree tape" vag sling in 2007 for sui. Can I have fen touch procedure?

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Femtouch - Vaginal Sling

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Thank you for your question.  You should be a candidate; however, I would certainly check with a board certified Gynecologist to make sure everything is in good condition.  Femtouch provides the highest level technology in vaginal laser rejuvenation therefore would provide optimal results for your.


Femtouch Treatment

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Assuming there are no problems with the mesh you should be a good candidate. Femtouch by Lumenis is the most advanced laser available to treat a variety of symptoms related to women’s health. In our practice we have seen patients with dramatic improvements in vaginal dryness, laxity, sexual satisfaction (both the patient and her partner) as well as stress urinary incontinence and even urinary tract infections. Seek out an experienced provider in your area to learn more.

FemTouch after sling

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We have performed the Vaginal rejuvenation on patients with urethral and vaginal suspension procedures and have not had any problems. In fact, it seems to augment the surgical repairs, however we suggest waiting 6 months before using the laser

Strick Mays, MD
Crestview Physician

Yes but only after you're fully healed

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TVT(Transvaginal tape)is a mesh that help support the urethra and decrease stress urinary incontinence. Once your fully healed you should be a good candidate for femtouch vaginal rejuvenation.

Joseph M. Perlman, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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FemTouch after sling

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Hi Nancy, 

While it is generally contraindicated to have the FemTouch procedure if you have any type of implant or mesh in the vagina, if your vaginal sling was placed only under the urethra, the procedure could be done deeper in the vagina taking care to avoid delivering any laser to the area right under the urethra. The remaining vaginal tissues could certainly benefit from the laser. Dr. Karmin

Randye Karmin, MD
Miami OB/GYN

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