Clitoroplexy for buried clitoris due to lichen sclerosis?

I was diagnosed with LS affecting genital skin at age 3. I'm 41 now and testosterone cream has helped return genital skin to almost normal. However, I feel like my clitoris is buried in scar tissue. I have limited sensation. Would I be a good candidate for this procedure?

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Buried clitoris from lichen sclerosus

I've managed several women with stories similar to yours with clitoral release clitoroplasty. Sometimes the incisions are best made with lasers, other times with scalpels. Nonetheless, it offers relief for this otherwise frustrating condition. An examination would be necessary to determine if you would be a candidate for this option.

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Treatment for buried clitoris

Believe it or not, you are not alone, i have had experience with other patients having the same problem secondary to lichen sclerosis. What you need is not a "clitoropexy" but more of a clitoroplasty whereby your clitoris is uncovered and the surounding clitoral hood and labia are reconstructed. Glad to help. 

Ryan Stanton, MD
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