Oral Paresthesia After Wisdom Teeth Removal? How Can I Get Sensation Back?

I had my 2 wisdom teeth on my right side removed about a week ago. I noticed right away that the numbness in my lower lip and teeth wasn't going away. Turns out, he said the nerve might've been bruised during the extraction. I've found that it may take a few weeks to a few months to heal on it's own. Is there any way to help it heal? Anything I can do to help the nerve heal faster so that I can possibly have sensation again? Use those muscles more/less? Take certain vitamins?

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Paresthesia after wisdom tooth extraction.

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6% of patients experience paraesthesia after wisdom teeth extraction that can be permenant or transient.  The feeling returns gradually over a period of weeks or months but sometimes can leave residuals.  If the mandibular nerve is completely severed it can be repaired by neurosurgery in some cases.

I have several patents for minimaaly invasive early removal of the third molar tooth bud prior to calcification.  Between 8-11 years old the developing tooth can be removed prior to calcification with minimal trauma and no chance of paresthesia.  It is also possible to collect immature multipotent stem cells that in the future may have numerous life-changing attributes.

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