Do I Have Options? Tighteness, Uneven Breasts? (photo)

I was told I had to 'live with it.' When laying down, L breast is 'tight' and sits higher than other. I feel the money I spent, I shouldn't have to 'live' with something that's not right or uncomfortable. I will be seeking a second opinion, but will have to be out of my pocket. I'm very upset and will deter any referrals. Just not right. I'm not it pain, but embarrassed when laying out or doing any flat bench exercises. A lot of money for embarrassment.

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Uneven breasts

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Without more information only very general answers can be given. Clearly there is a difference and the left breast appears irregular in shape, higher and with a visible upper ridge that suggests cc, (especially if this difference has been progressive and was not there early after the surgery). Solutions may include capsulectomy or capsulotomy, implant size change and skin tailoring to get a more ideal match. While revision policies are not standard, most plastic surgeons do counsel about the risk of cc and explain that it is not necessarily a problem with the implant or the procedure but often due to your individual response to the implant. CC is typically not a warrantee item but most will substantially reduce their fees for an unusually early onset of cc. Telling someone to 'live with it' is not the solution and I agree, seeking another opinion is a good idea at this time. Best of luck!

Do I Have Options? Tighteness, Uneven Breasts?

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I might agree with you. But you failed to post before photos so we can compare. There is a chance the result might be acceptable if we see the befores having a difference. It is a field of perception in comparison. 

Uneven tightness of implants

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Clearly you have a less than desirable appearance that can be improved.  You appear to be developing capsular contracture or hardening of your implants.  If you have silicone gel implants, it is possible the left implant is ruptured or fractured causing the abnormal shape.  Capsular contracture may be more likely, especially if your implants are retromammary (in front of the muscle).  What type of implants do you have and where are they placed?  This information will be helpful to whom ever you see for a second opinion.  Make sure you see an American Board of Plastic Surgery Certified surgeon.

Todd C. Case, MD
Tucson Plastic Surgeon

Breast Augmentation - Post surgical tightness

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I agree with you!  There is something off here!  Get a second opinion.  Make sure you seek out a board certified plastic surgeon and start with a good exam in the office.  Best Wishes!!

Revision surgery

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Thanks for your inquiry. I agree you need to get a second opinion and look at your options.  Make sure you see a board certified plastic surgeon in your area with much experience in revision surgery.  Good luck.

You do have options

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I don't think the asymmetry shown in your photos is something you have to "live with." I would seek a second opinion. Come prepared to discuss the particulars of your previous surgery as well as the what you would like to achieve with a revision. 

Sarah A. Mess, MD
Columbia Plastic Surgeon
4.7 out of 5 stars 21 reviews

Do I Have Options? Tighteness, Uneven Breasts?

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I am sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction after breast augmentation/lifting surgery. Seeking second opinion consultations is a good first step in improving your situation. Careful physical examination will be important to determine the cause of the significant breast asymmetry. For example, if breast implant encapsulation is diagnosed, surgical intervention may be quite helpful.

 Again, determining the cause of the breast asymmetry (based on physical examination) will be the first step in determining the best course of action to improve your situation.

 Best wishes.


Breast asymmetry after implants

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Thank you for you question and photos.

I agree you should seek a second opinion as what you are asking for is not outrageous. You have visible asymmetry at rest and the left breast does look 'tighter and higher'. Your scars suggest you are at least several months after surgery and most post surgical swelling and tightness should have settled.

If this asymmetry is progressive - worse than it was after surgery, then you may have capsular contracture in the left breast. A 2nd opinion from a fully qualified plastic surgeon can easily determine such and a solution offered.

I wish you the best in this endeavour.

Dr Kevin Ho

Sydney Plastic Surgeon

Do I Have Options?

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Yes, and getting a second opinion is a good first choice. 

Although the movement of implant when lying down is sometimes out of the surgeon's control, what I see that  would bother me more is the asymmetry at rest in the frontal view. The breast shapes look different, the nipple/areolar positions are different, the implant contours are different. 

What can be done will depend on findings on exam. This could be, for example, all due to capsular contracture, but that requires physical findings to confirm. It would be helpful to know how far after surgery this photo was taken. 

Thanks for your question and for the posted photos. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Your surgeon is not very compassionate...

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if your surgeon truly said 'just live with it'... and not very concerned about his/her reputation or desire for the best outcomes for his/her patients.  You do have options and you should consider seeing someone else to have it repaired.  The look you have suggests you have a contracture and costs can vary according to what you choose to do.  Best wishes at achieving  the result you desire.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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