Best Options to Widen and Shorten Face

I have a long thin face which just seems too long and/or thin and I can't work out what procedure would be best for my face. chin reduction? jaw implants?

Additionally, my jaw lines are asymetric and they are at a weird angle. I don't know whether if I had a chin reduction that would change the angle. I had orthognathic surgery where my lower jaw was moved into the middle (was asymetric) and moved back slightly. Since, it has moved back slightly and I have been told I could have the operation again.

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Jaw implant or chin implant

You might want to take a look at my theories on facial beauty to decide what you want. Jaw implants can widen the lower third of your face and if done more aggressively will masculinize your face.  If done more subtly could beautify your face if you are a female.  Pictures would help me decide. But I would check out my theory on aesthetics to get an idea.

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