Options Besides Tooth Extraction and Braces?

My dentist discovers that I still have a baby tooth and a permanent tooth above it in my gums. He suggests that I get the baby tooth removed and wear braces to pull down the permanent tooth. I do not want braces for two years just to pull down a tooth that looks exactly like the baby tooth I am having removed. I was wondering, what other options do I have and what are the complications of just pulling both teeth and getting a fake?

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Look at the big picture

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While your thoughts are valid, there ARE drawbacks. If you pull both teeth, there would be a defect in the bone (so no bone to put the implant in). You could fill the defect and let it heal and do the implant then, but the time involved would approach a year.

You could leave it alone, but statistically, retained baby teeth come out for a variety of reasons at ages 35-40 (but not always). At that point you would be right where you are now.

Usually, the best choice IS to remove the baby tooth and orthodontically bring the other tooth in alignment.

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