What Options Are There for Loose Tummy Skin? (photo)

I'm 18 years old and a mother of one two-year-old. I have a small ammount of loose skin on my stomach above my belly button. Standing up, it doesnt look too bad,but bending over shows the loose skin. I don't know if it's severe enough for surgery,but I want to feel confident about my body.

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Loose skin after pregnancy

You may benefit from a tummy tuck in the future but would wait until you are done having children. Also, wait at least 6-12 months after childbirth as much of the skin may tighten up on it's own. If it hasn't tightened up in 12 months, then it probably isn't going to.

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Loose abdominal skin

Many young mothers have concerns about their abdominal region.  Most women tend to have some skin laxity, as well as loosening of the deeper connective tissues that can cause bulging both above and below the belly button.  The only permament way to treat these issues is with an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).  Different tummy tuck variations are offered depending on the amount of skin laxity (extended, full, modified, and mini).  Most board certified plastic surgeons will only perform tummy tucks on patients who are done having kids.  So unless an 18 year female has no future plans to get pregnant, she will need to wait.  A minority of patients with minimal skin excess and moderate fat excess are decent candidates for liposuction.  The best way for a young patient to know all of her options is to see a local board certified plastic surgeon.

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Option for excess skin above belly button

Hi Alivia,

Indeed you are too young for a TT. A good option in your case would be to remove a crescent shape piece of skin above your BB. This may be just enough to make you happy. It wouldn't be major surgery and could be safely performed in the office under local anesthesia. Should not cost more than $500. Have done this before and patient was very happy. Best wishes, Dr. H

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What Options Are There for Loose Tummy Skin? (photo)Answer:

The advice of waiting to see about a full tummy tuck until you are done with children is good...In the meantime, I have had good success with skin tightening of the tummy with the laser SlimLipo, especially in women in their 20's. I have seen the skin tighten up dramatically but remember...the tummy is one of the areas prone to waviness after Lipo!

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Loose tummy skin

Liposuction would be a good answer for your loose skin. Liposuction would remove the extra fat and tighten skin. With liposuction you always get some skin contraction how much you get is dependent on the quality of your skin.

If you look at my before and after photos in my profile are my website you will see people with much looser skin getting a great result with skin contracture. Regular liposuction will get skin contraction and may get as much skin contracture as the laser liposuction.

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Smart Lipo for abdomen

You do not appear ot be a person who would benefit from a Tummy Tuck but liposuction  with the laser (SmartLipo) could tighten the skin and improve the contour. You are too young for aTummy Tuck.

Ronald Iverson, MD
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Tummy tuck usually the best option for loose skin


A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is designed specifically to correct the changes that occur with pregnancy, namely the loose skin and muscle separation. While no one can give you specific advice without a personal exam, it appears that you have a bit of both. Since you would want to wait until you are done having children and because you are so young, it is possible that a nonsurgical treatment such as Thermage would be helpful but I would advise very limited expecations.

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Loose abdominal skin

You will need an abdominoplasty. The photos demonstrate bulging which cannot be corrected by a skin tightening laser or Thermage. Everyone has some laxity when they bend over. If you are considering more children, then I recommend that you defer surgery until after childbearing is complete. Best wishes.

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
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Loose abdominal skin

We have found excellent result in treating this area with a skin tightening laser like Titan or Skin Tyte.

You should discuss this  with a local PS.


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Options for Tummy

Based on your photos, you will need a full tummy tuck to correct your skin laxity.  At your young age, I would recommend that you wait until after having children.  Additional pregnancies will cause more skin laxity in the future if you correct your abdomen now.

Don W. Griffin, MD
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