Options Other Than Rhinoplasty?

I currently take coumadin and will take it for life. I'm really unhappy with my nose. Surgery obviously is a very dangerous option for me. What other options do I have to achieve a smaller/straighter nose?

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Coumadin and Rhinoplasty or Nonsurgical Options

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     You can probably be bridged with Lovenox for a surgery, but you will be at a higher risk for bleeding.  Occasionally, the coumadin can be discontinued for the perioperative period.  The injection of fillers could be considered as well but will not reduce the size of the nose.  Seek out a surgeon who can work in conjunction with your other doctors to formulate a plan.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Coumadin and Surgery

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There are no other solutions besides surgery.  In most cases you can safely stop your coumadin for a few days but this needs to be discussed with your hematologist.   It maybe that in your case you cannot stop your coumadin.

Coumadin and rhinoplasty

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 It is always best to obtain clearance  from your hematologist prior to embarking on elective cosmetic surgery. Patients will need to be off Coumadin for 5 days prior to a rhinoplasty and for 5 days after the rhinoplasty to prevent a nose bleed. There is no other way to make the nose smaller and straighter without a rhinoplasty procedure. Patient's  have to weigh the risk to benefit ratio having cosmetic surgery versus a complication from being off the  Coumadin.

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Talk you the doctor that has you on coumadin -- usually it can be stopped for a short period of time and then have your nose done.

Coumadin and rhinoplasty

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Sometimes coumadin can be stopped temporarily but this would have to be discussed with your hematologist.

Rhinoplasty surgery

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Dear curiousandconcerned,

You do have 2 options

  1. The first is using a lovenox bridge (lovenox is a short acting blood thinner that people on coumading use before any surgery)
  2. The second is a non surgical rhinoplasty using injections, but you have to be a good candidate

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

Nima Shemirani, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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