Other Options to Metal Braces and Invisalign for Straightening Teeth?

I went to a dentist today and he said he was afraid that one of my bottom front teeth might fall out if I get Invisalign. I can't have metal in my mouth so braces are out of the question. Are there any other options?

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Veneers may be an option

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One of the advantages of porcelain veneers is that you can get a look of straight teeth without actually moving them. There are risks and limitations, and a good experienced dentist familiar with cosmetics should help explain them, but if all other options are out, this may be an option.

Invisalign or Possibly Veneers

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You do not state your age so it is hard to advise you regarding invisalign or veneers. Also you apparently went to see the dentist for invisalign and he said one of your teeth might fall out if you did invisalign which makes no sense to me, unless this was taken out of context. If you are seeking straighter teeth, I would suggest you consult a few more dentists before you do anything. Make sure they are invisalign providers with experience  and see some of their cases they have done. We do invisalgin and teeth will move with this procedure and feel funny since they are being moved, but I have never seen one fall out!  If you are looking to make a few teeth look more cosmetically pleasing, veneers are a good option, but not if you are very young. I would choose to straighten my natural teeth and whiten them at the end of the invisalign procedure. Please seek out a few more opinions from invisalign providers before you make a decision here!  Good luck and choose wisely!

George Koutsoukos, DDS
Valencia Dentist

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