Options for Excess Skin on the Belly?

I'm not sure about the options for me. I'm 37, mother to 2 year old full term twins (c-section). I was a size 0 fitness instructor before I got pregnant. I am content with my new size 4 body. My abs are still there and though my belly isn't as flat as it used to be, I can live with it, but the skin on my belly still thinks I'm 4 months pregnant. There are folds of excess skin. There are some small pockets of fat, but it's the excess skin that’s the issue

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I am afraid you need a good tummy tuck.

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You look like an ideal candidate for a well performed tummy tuck.   The result should be transformational for you.  But nothing less than a full abdominoplasty will help you. Don't waste your money on non invasive procedures.   (The voice of experience!)

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