Options for Removing Large, Vibrant and Colorful Tattoos?

I have a Huge colorful halfsleeve, its filled with bright yellows, reds and oranges. I hear that lazer removal doesn't favor any of these colors or have any real effect. Plus its painful and expensive... but what other options are there?

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Tattoo removal

bright colors can be treated by some lasers, but it does take many treatments and the expense adds up. Other procedures are guaranteed to leave some scarring such as surgical excision, grafting, salabrasion or dermabrasion, or carbon dioxide laser resurfacing.

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Removal of bright colored tattoo's

Large vibrant colored tattoos can present quite a challenge for removal in comparison to the small black tattoo. The removal recommendation would still be a q switched laser. For the colors such as red, yellow, and orange, seek out a laser that has a q switched 532nm wavelength. This has a higher affinity for these colors than the usual 1064nm wavelength used by most tattoo removal systems. Hope this helps.

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