Nonsurgical Nose Job to Increase Tip Length?

its been about 4 weeks since my rhinoplasty and what i wanted was for the bump to be shaved down and tip to just be a little lifted. my tip seems way to high up and shorter which means he took some from it. my bridge is straight but he added cartilage from my septum to the top to give a straighter look which makes it just look ok with the widness from swelling but the height and tip i appears taller than my old nose.i want more taken down and to add back on to my tip.

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You can use fillers to modify the nose

You can use fillers to modify the nose but at 4 weeks after surgery, it’s much too early. I would allow all the swelling to go down first. You want to wait at least 3 months before doing any injection because sometimes swelling in the tip may look irregular, but will heal giving you a nice result. Once all the swelling is gone, you can modify the result with filler.

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