Options for Minor Facelift?

I am 47 but feel that now I need a minor tightening. I see the jowl lines not deep yet and the lines over the lips especially when I am tired. I have developed the under eye circles and sometimes the bags and puffiness or else they look slightly hollow.

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Face/neck lift not needed yet

After reviewing the pictures that were posted online, it appears that the patient’s jawline looks excellent and is not in any need for any face/neck lift. A mini lift will give mini results, and it is probably best just to wait until there are enough issues of laxity in the neck and jowling before undertaking a lift. With respect to the eyelid circles and bags underneath the eyelids, these can be addressed through a lower blepharoplasty. Excess skin can be tightened and removed at the lash line, and the fat bags can be removed on the inside of the lower eyelid

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Forget surgery for now

Please understand that you look great and you don't need surgery!  You don't have jowls or neck laxity or fat under the neck.  A mini-lift would produce scars around the ears that wouldn't be worth the very minor change you would get.  Stick with fillers, Botox and medical grade skin care for now!!

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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Mini facelift

Without performing a full exam it is difficul to tell you what would be best for you.  Lines above the lips can sometimes be treated with fillers, botox or even lasers.  Minor jowls can be treated with a limited scar facelift and perhaps deep soft tissue work to improve the jowls.

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Options for a Minor Facelift

It is very difficult to tell by your photographs.  Based on your comments of a small amount of aging, typically facial fillers can help serve as a starting point for addressing your face concerns.  Hold off on a surgical procedure until your face and neck are ready.

Anil R. Shah, MD
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No Operations Needed

Viewing your picture I do not believe your are a candidate for any operative procedures.  The puffiness of your eyelids may be due to allergies and if that is the case medical control is indicated. 

Dr. ES

Dark circles, jowls can be improved through different means

In terms of a facelift, you might be a little early to have one. It would really be beneficial to see a picture of you without smiling. A facelift can lift your jowls and improve your nasolabial folds to some degree. it won't help your dark circles, and bags under your eyes. Most surgeons would advocate a lower eyelid blepharoplasty, but this could cause hollowing under your eyes and appear unnatural.

I would suggest filling your cheek and lower eyelid with some type of filler. With filler you could go with temporary fillers or try the YoungLift. Fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, Perlane, can all fill in the cheeks and partially the lower eyelid but are temporary and last 6months to a year or more. Permanent fillers such as silicone and artefill are risky and I stay away from them. Fat injections can help and if the fat survives for more than 6 months to a year it will stay there for years sometimes more than 10 years.

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One cannot tell from the photo.

 You may only need fillers for now. See an experienced plastic surgeon to guide you. You can develop a report with him and learn his prospective for when and how to do surgery. 


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Very difficult to tell from this photo

Obviously you are beginning to have some concerns, (as would almost any 47 year old male or female!) living in this image conscious country! However, this is not the best photo. First of all, you look great. Second, don't feel bad for wondering waht you can do to stay looking great. Injectables, botox and skin care are the first line for most patients. One thing I have learned over the years is to listen to patients - when they are describing laxity, it is almost always the case with patients in their forties that a short-scar or mini-facelift gives them just the improvement they were looking for. Especially in a patient such as yourself with great bony features and a thin face. Other options for tightening are procedures such as Thermage, which is a non-surgical procedure which gives some skin tightening. Most importantly, find a confident surgeon who can go over all your options with you and not try to sell you procedures, but who will also be able to address your concerns with the confidence that comes from having thousands of other satisfied patients. Good luck in your search!

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A Liquid Face Lift will address lower eyelid puffiness, jowls and upper lip lines without surgery..

Dear Dreamwitch,

I'd love to meet you for an in-depth, Free Cosmetic Consultation, so I could help you look and feel your very best.

You might want to consider non-surgical facial rejuvenation that could make you look years younger and better with no downtime. All at a fraction of the price of surgery. Lower eyelid grooves, upper lip lines, and indentations in front of the jowls respond very well to injectable fillers.

If your jowls are getting you down, a Natural Lift, short-scar facelift is always an option. Downtime is around 2 weeks, and you'll get elimination of any jowling, and you'll see nice tightening of your neck skin.

Judging by how you look in the picture, you should probably start with some injectables which are inexpensive, completely natural, and can be done on a Saturday morning.

Check the Gallery and Summer Promotions on ericmjoseph.com to learn more.

Feel free to contact my office for an in-person Consultation. It would be a pleasure to meet with you.

Take care, and let me know if I could be of further assistance.

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Seek a consultation with a Board Certified Facelift Specialist

Hello Dreamwitch,

Your question is an excellent one and a very common one as there are many patients who are in your situation - noticing some early (mild-moderate) aging changes and wanting to seek a surgical option for their concerns.

I think Dr. Teitelbaum has done an excellent job answering your questions but I would like to add a few comments:

1. Thank you for including your photo - however be aware that when going for a consultation your Surgeon will need to see your face in a relaxed pose -- that way the muscles and skin are not tense / distorted and the true position of your jowls / loose skin can be determined.

2. There certainly is a lot of controversy about mini-lifts, trademarked procedures, mass marketing etc. In fact so much so that there is not enough room here for me to open up that discussion! The fact is in my opinion that the variety of facelift procedures out there is reflective of a progression of facelift techniques that has been occurring over the last 30 years. We have seen facelifts go from deeply invasive / long recovery procedures (deep plane / composite facelifts) to less invasive / short recovery procedures ("X" lift, S-lift, etc.) The pendulum now is increasingly swinging to procedures that are somewhere in between these two options - the idea being to get the benfits of both the procedures while minimizing the downsides (no matter what the procedure there are pluses and negatives associated with all of them!).

The fact is you need to have an ethical, experienced, board certified surgeon examine your anatomy, undertstand what your goals are, set realistic expectations for you, explain what your options are and develop a plan for you and with you.

Seek a Surgeon who can offer all the types of facelifts that are clinically accepted and have them explain why the one they are offering you is appropriate to your case. Seek a surgeon who does a lot of facelifts and is comfortable and confident in doing all the diffferent types of facelifts available. Speak with former patients of that Surgeon who have had the same procedure at least 6 months to one year ago and see how they are doing and what their experience was like. The name of the procedure (trademarked or not) doesn't matter - the quality and proven effectiveness of it as well the appropriateness of it for your case does.

You are off to a great start by asking questions and doing your research. Take care.

Kamran Jafri, MD
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