What Are Options for Loss of Tissue, After Removing Breast Implants Due To Capsulation?

I am 63 and have large implants since I was 34. Prior to surgery, I was an A cup size. I am having them removed due to capsulation. I am also having a breast lift. What are my options if there is not enough tissue left at my age to form a decent breast size (B or C) I cannot have new implants due to capulation probabilities and age.

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Fat Grafting Can Replace Loss of Tissue After Breast Implant Removal

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Thank you for your question. Removal of Breast Implants and removal of significant capsule tissue can also result in loss of breast tissue. This is because the capsule is densely adherent to the overlying breast tissue and some of the breast tissue can be removed with the capsule.

Following this surgery the chance of another capsule forming around new breast implants is very high so I would not recommend replacing the implants.

A breast lift certainly can help the appearance of your breasts. Wait 3-6 months after your surgery-you may very well be happy with the appearance of your breasts.

If not Fat Grafting can be used to correct contour problems and volume problems after Breast Implant Explantation.

Breast Implant Removal - What Are Options for Loss of Tissue, After Removing Breast Implants Due To Capsulation?

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I would not start with the assumption that, having had capsules once, you will automatically get them again.

To answer your question more specifically, there are exactly two methods (that I know of) to increase the volume of your breasts:  breast implants, and fat injections.  Breast implants remain the standard for providing adequate volume increase at a single stage.  Fat injections are gaining in popularity but there is a limit as to how large you can get at one time, and there is at least some question as to the long-term survival of the injected fat.

You could have had capsules for many reasons, and changing the type or location of your implants (going from above to below the muscle, for example) may be an effective solution.

I woudl advise that you discuss all of this with your plastic surgeon.  You can, of course, undergo the implant removal, with or without a lift simultaneously, and make your decision after as many stages as are necessary.  But for immediate breast volume increase - it's hard to do better than inserting a breast implant.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

Breast augmentation

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Capsular contracture occures in 5-15% . The fact that you developed capsular contracture after almost 20+ years does not necessarliy mean you will have capsular contracture.

Your best option for volume enhancement is implants. Fat transfer is another possibility if you understand the surgery and its risks and limitations.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Volume Replacement Options are Limited

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The primary option for volume replacement remains breast implants.

Fat grafting is getting attention as an alternative, but we are relatively early in the refinement of the technique; many plastic surgeons might not yet offer this option to you, which is not yet "tried and true."

That you had previously developed capsule contracture does not necessarily mean you cannot have a successful breast augmentation with breast implants.  Newer techniques may permit you the option of replacing your implants and avoiding contracture.

Nor is age an absolute contraindication for replacing your implants (unless you have made this decision, personally).

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