Options for upper eyelid folds?

It has been 6 months since I have been experiencing upper eyelid folds.i don't know if this is due to a volume lost or it's Dennie Morgan folds.ive seen 2 specialist so far.one recommend upper eyelid surgery and the other recommended botox to raise the eyebrows..I don't like any of these procedures since there's not much satisfaction results. I don't want a sunken eyes or neither want to change my eye shape. I was thinking about erbuim laser? Any other options to get rid of these folds?

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Upper lid folds

It's challenging to render an opinion without seeing what you're describing.  

Trust your face to a local board-certified facial plastic surgeon or a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in blepharoplasty to undergo an evaluation.  Don't be afraid to request before and after pictures at the time of the consultation, and to obtain second or third opinions in advance of your procedure.

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Options for upper eyelid folds?

         It would be hard to speculate about this.  Pictures or an exam would be helpful to make this determination.

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Upper eyelid folds

Without pictures, it is very difficult to determine whether or not you're a candidate for an upper eyelid blepharoplasty. The primary goal of an upper  eyelid surgery is to remove excess skin and a small amount of fat creating the puffiness look on the upper lids. For many examples, please see the link below to our eye lid surgery  photo gallery

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Laser resurfacing will not remove upper eyelid folds

Thank you for your question.  Unfortunately laser resurfacing weather with the Erbium or CO2 laser will not adequately correct upper eyelid folds.  A simple upper blepharoplasty is the most effective treatment for this problem.  Please see the link below.

Upper eyelid folds

Without at least photos to looks at, it is difficult to say what you would benefit from for your upper eyelid issue. Best to be seen in person.

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Options for upper lid folds.

As you are concerned by an aspect of appearance, which is visual, the inclusion of just one photograph would have conveyed your particular situation exactly. Without that this is general answer to assist your understanding.
You asked how to ‘get rid of …unattractive lid folds. To have attractive eyes it is essential to have attractive lid folds, so the issue really is ‘how can the lid folds be altered to look attractive’. This is fundamental to anyone having eyelid surgery, because with good surgery changing the lid fold, both its height above the lid margin and its shape is one of the most predictable and also most successful cosmetic surgery procedures available.

Predictably changing the lid folds is achieved using an advanced version of the upper eyelid blepharoplasty called the tarsal fixation technique. The works to define the lid crease securely and, therefore, permanently as occurs naturally in people who were born with beautiful eyes.
With this ability to fix the crease, the adjustments performed by the surgeon to the lid fold above are controlled and lasting, without needing to be overdone as tends to occur with  the standard operation.
This is good news for everyone contemplating an improvement to their upper eyelids, which are so important to having an attractive look.

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