Best Options for Stomach Fat on Someone Who Has No Children? (photo)

I have lost around 90 pounds but I am unsatisfied with my stomach and back despite exercise.I am 21 and I don't have any children.I was told by the receptionist that the doctor most likely wouldn't perform a tummy tuck since I plan on having children in the future(8-10 years)but do I really have any options besides a tummy tuck?

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Liposuction is good option

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Your photograph suggests that you have localized adiposity of the abdomen without redundancy. Thus, liposuction will likely help reduce this fatty tissue collection and contour your abdomen to a desirable appearance. Since you have not had children yet, a tummy tuck is not likely in your best interest since you would likely stretch out the tummy tuck with pregnancies. Secondary tummy tucks can be done after pregnancy, but not always with the optimal result that can be achieved with the primary tummy tuck. You should discuss these options with your board certified plastic surgeon.

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Liposuction for body contouring #plasticsurgery

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Liposuction is always an option - its not a treatment for obesity, but liposuction can certainly reduce the bulk and fattiness along your abdomen, waist and hip area. This can be done using awake, tumescent technique.

Options for your abdomen

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Liposuction could be done but it might leave you with some loose skin. Having a tummy tuck and then having a pregnancy later in life is not impossible. It does mean that you will likely need to redo the tummy tuck, but if you are desiring a tummy tuck now and the doctor who examined you felt your were a good candidate, you could proceed with the tummy tuck.

Liposuction is safe, easy outpatient option

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It looks like you are a candidate for tumescent liposuction which can be done in office using local anesthesia with quick recovery. The procedure should improve your shape significantly but may leave irregularities such that you will not wear a bikini but I would imaging it would really help your weight loss. You may also be a candidate for Coolsculpting which is non-surgical but it is likely that more than one treatment per area would be needed for best results in addition to keeping up your great progress on your weight loss.

Abdominoplasty vs. liposuction

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Of course you have options. You could just have liposuction but you need to see a qualified surgeon face to face in order to get a reasonable idea of the results that are achievable using different approaches. After that you would pick the approach that is best to meet your financial, recovery and result needs. Every approach has its own pros and cons.

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Liposuction does good for active patients regardless of their weight.

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Liposuction would make a big difference for you and give you that motivation to continue to exercise, diet and lose further pounds. I would recommend  doing it in 2 procedures:  1 lipo would be the full abdomen and a 2nd lipo would be the hips, mid back and axillae or armpit areas.  Each can be done under tumescent technique local anesthesia (not general anesthesia) and done 1 week apart with you back to work in 2 days after each one.  Expect to pay roughly $6-7,000 on special for each one.  Good Luck,

David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
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Best Options for Stomach Fat on Someone Who Has No Children? (photo)

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Exercises, more weight loss and maybe Body Jet Liposuction are options. But no excisional operation due to your age and no pregnancies. 

Best options for stomach fat in young woman

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Thank you for your question and photo. First of all congratulations on losing 90 lbs. I would recommend that you continue on your exercise program and diet plan to get as close to your ideal weight as possible. If you do this you will continue to see improvement in both your stomach and back.  Once you have achieved this weight if you are still bothered by these two areas then consideration could be given for liposuction.  As are  you are young your skin should shrink very nicely so that you should not need a tummy tuck. Be sure to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss this issue further.  Best of luck. 

Donald M. Brown, MD (retired)
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Options for the abdomen

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Congrats on the weight loss!  That is a remarkable achievement and I complement you on tackling this issue while still so young!  After all, it only seems to get more difficult later.  I do agree that a tummy tuck is generally not a preferred procedure prior to having children.  The primary reason for that is that many young people can lose weight and, possibly along with liposuction, achieve a nice contour to the abdomen because their skin is so elastic.  Now, that may depend on how much weight you end up losing.  It is true that large weight loss may leave you ultimately with some redundant skin.  The photo you provided suggest that there may be some fatty excess remaining and perhaps some more weight loss before considering any intervention (including liposuction) is the answer.  I would get down to your goal weight and a body mass index of less than 25 before having a consult with a plastic surgeon.  That will give the surgeon a better idea of what would aid you most.  A tummy tuck result would definitely be significantly diminished after having children and you would find yourself considering another one after your child bearing is behind you.  No surgeon really likes the idea of saddling a patient with an expensive surgery with some risk for a temporary result.  Plus, I have a feeling that a pregnancy following a tummy tuck may even worsen potential stretch marks if you are trying to expand skin that is so tight with a growing baby behind it.  Also, keep in mind that, because of the scarring, a second tummy tuck may be less optimal.  Keep all of these things in mind, but my plan would be to finish out the weight loss and then see a board certified plastic surgeon to get educated about your best option.  Good luck to you and, once again, congrats on the weight loss effort!  

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