Options for Returning Ligated Vein After Under Eye Filler?

5 months ago I had restylane placed in orbital septum area for hollowness after a lower bleph. Not perfect results but I think I can wait it out. During the injection a vein that I had ligated and was gone literally returned overnight and is now worse than ever with an area that is so blue that the area looks bruised. What are my options now? I am very nervous about sclerotheropy or lasers as I don't want to make matters worse in this very thin skinned area. Can a vein be ligated twice?

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Restylane and the "blues"

It sounds like you need to follow up with the provider for further evaluation. Without seeing you in person, it's difficult to say for sure but you are likely experiencing the tyndall affect which sometimes occurs with fillers when they are more superficial. You have options - this product is easily removed and/or digested with a specific enzyme. At that time, I would re-evaluate whether or not the vein needs treatment or if it's just pushed closer to the surface due to placement of your filler.

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Options for Returning Ligated Vein After Under Eye Filler?

  If a vein has been successfully ligated for a period time there should not be a return of flow through that area as recanalization cannot occur after a period of time due to scar formation.  However, if there was not successful ligation this could be ligated again. I would have to examine you and your records to determine what is the most reasonable course of action.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Complicated vein after blepharoplasty and Restylane

I would recommend referral to an oculoplastic surgeon who can deal with this problem. Although technically easy to remove by most surgeons, you don't want any residual bruising which would make matters worse.

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