Best Options for Male Contouring? (Photo)

Hello, I had gastric bypass last year and lost 90 lbs. I am 41 yo, 180lbs, 5'11'' and approaching my target weight. I have consulted with several plastic surgeons and received conflicting recommendations on how to address my issues from Vaser lipo only, to tummy tuck and buttock implants (all with lipo), to a full lower body lift with lipo. What is the best way to flatten my stomach and improve the shape of inner/outer thighs, pubic area and improve buttock shape? Thank You! J

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Post bariatric body contouring

Hello and thank you for your question. You have received conflicting opinions because you probably have not seen a ps who specializes in post massive weight loss body contouring. Having performed these procedures for the past 15 years my opinion would be to do a lower body lift. This allows the surgeon to give an aggressive tummy tuck a lateral thigh lift, a buttock lift and an auto augmentation of the buttock without using an implant. An auto augmentation uses your own tissue to create a buttock mound which also helps with your loose buttock skin. Liposuction to further define the body is done as needed.
Peter Fisher M.D. 

San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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Body Lift in Los Angeles

Body Lift, otherwise known as 360 Bodylift, or lower body lift is a procedure performed in Los Angeles by Board Certified Plastic Surgeons who are experienced in post-weight loss body contouring. This procedure will remove excess skin of your abdomen, flanks, and lower back, while lifting up your thighs and buttocks and firming your abdomen. Unfortunatiely this procedrue doens not increase buttock projection. If you decide that you want more buttock projection then you need to consider a BBL afterwards.

Sean Younai, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Body Lifts

Based on the pictures posted, you will need a thorough evaluation, and discussion of the body shape and final results desired.
A full circumfercial lift, with buttocks reshaping, auto-graft, implants or dermis fat graft to the buttocks. Re shaping the pubic area for a male pattern. Liposuction of the flanks, and the medial thighs. You may need a medial thigh lift as well.
Samir Shureih MD. FACS

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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Body Contouring

One option would be to undergo aggressive liposuction of your abdomen, flanks, and hips. Them immediately transfer that fat to your buttocks. Then let yourself heal for 3 to 6 months.  At that point, you could consider undergoing a tummy tuck to remove the excess skin and tighten the muscles. 

Justin Yovino, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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360 lower body lift circumferential body lift plastic surgery after massive weight loss

Congratulations on your massive weight loss. Great job!. I believe your best results would be with a 360 circumferential lower body lift. This will eliminate excess skin and fat from the abdomen, love handles, lateral thighs and buttocks. It will flatten the stomach and eliminate the "shrinkels" of your buttocks. Basically, you have excess fat and skin of the abdomen that needs to be removed. Fat can either be removed with excision or liposuction. However, skin can only be removed by excision. Therefore I would suggest excision  of skin and fat to be done. 
On your buttocks,  you have excess skin. I believe the best way to remove this is with excision of excess skin. If you want more volume to the buttocks, I would suggest buttock implants or fat transfer to be done after skin excision. 
If you just do liposuction or VASER liposuction of the abdomen,  I do not believe your skin will shrink wrap around the abdomen. I believe you will be still left with excess skin of your abdomen. 
In addition, I do not believe buttock implants will eliminate the excess skin of the buttock. Unfortunately, you just have too much excess skin. This is not uncommon in my weight-loss patient population. The skin of the buttock needs to be surgically removed.
in conclusion, I would suggest a 360 circumferential lower body lift to be done stage one. If you are happy with the results of the buttocks, then you are done. If you do not like the shape of the buttocks, then I would suggest fat transfer to the buttocks or even buttock implants.
Please seek a plastic surgeon in the Los Angeles area with significant experience in massive weight-loss patients. 

J. Timothy Katzen, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Best Options for Male Contouring?

     You would have a fantastic result with a tummy tuck and liposuction with Brazilian buttlift.    This will minimize the scar burden and eliminate the complications secondary to buttock implants.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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You may benefit most from a lift, not lipo.

Liposuction is great for a lot of things, but I doubt that lipo alone is going to give you the more defined body contouring you hope for. After losing a lot of weight, it is very common to have lax or excess skin which can only be corrected through surgery. A body lift combines a full tummy tuck with a thigh and buttock lift to remove excess tissue and create a trimmer, sleeker shape. Liposuction can be included for fine-tuning, of course, but the primary results here are going to come from a more comprehensive approach.

David L. Kaufman, MD
Folsom Plastic Surgeon
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