Options for hollow eyes? (photo)

What can be done for hollow eyes? I have some bags too but they don't bother me. Just the hollowness does. My skin is really thin so I am wary of fillers (read horror stories of blindness, lumps and more).Are there other options? And If there are none, has anybody heard of an experimented MD dealing specifically with this issue in the Montreal area (it seems technique and practice is everything). And lastly, What do you think of rich platelet plasma for hollowness?

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PRP versus filler versus fat

take our advice with a gradient of salt because we don't have any photographs or significant medical information to go on.

In general all illness under the eyes can be dealt with using hyaluronic acid fillers such as Restylane. This therapy has the advantage of being temporary and even more important reversible.

PRP is a nice option that I have used to my own patients. The results are subtle but very natural. If you looking for something with a little more results early on or immediately I would go with the filler.

Lastly fat transfer as an option for U but the specifics of this he should probably discuss with a good facial plastic surgeon first.

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