Best Options for Chin, Jaw, Lower Face Profile?

What is my case? What is the cost for the specific surgery? What is the process of surgery? How long is full recovery? How long are doctors scheduling, appointments and surgeries? What is the best overall solution for a 21 year old? Arizona doctors are preferable. but all are in consideration. Message me with Q's that I can answer to help. Cheers

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Bony Genioplasty for Chin Advancement and Vertical Shortening

Orthognathic surgery considerations aside, your chin is short and vertically long. You would be better served by a bony genioplasty rather than a chin implant. The chin needs to come forward and be vertically shortened which an implant can not do. Such an approach to your chin is particularly relevant in someone of your young age.

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Jaw Surgery and Chin Implants Work Well Together

It appears that your upper jaw is too long in the front so that there is a big space between your upper and lower lips when you are relaxed. I suspect that when you smile you show a lot of gum tissue above your upper front teeth. Surgery to shorten your upper jaw can dramatically improve your appearance. It will bring your lips together, let your chin and lower jaw rotate forward so your teeth fit together better and it will improve your neck line. It may be desirable to have a chin implant to further improve your profile.

Orthodontic treatment is almost always required with jaw surgery, or your teeth will not fit together after surgery.  You should seek evaluation by an orthodontist and an oral and maxillofacial surgeon to determine your treatment options.

Kevin L. McBride, DDS
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Chin implant for weak chin profile

 Chin implants come in a variety of sizes and shapes, can be inserted under local anesthesia as an outpatient surgical procedure. The size of the implant is determined at the time of the consultation, and examination. Most surgeons use Silastic chin implant placed through a submental incision. Expect approximately 10 days of bruising and swelling after the procedure. Our price list is posted on our website.

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Multiple options for lower facial profile and jaw

The pictures you have provided are helpful. It does appear you have a weak chin. That being said, you should have an examination of the alignment of your teeth first before having a discussion of surgical options. Also, it is important to ask about the presence of snoring or sleep apnea. If you have a bed partner, ask whether they notice that you stop breathing during the night or have loud snoring. These are signs that the jaw bone is significantly weak that it requires advancement forward by breaking the jaw bone and slowly advancing it forward over weeks. I suspect the "jaw thrust" may be due to the issue of your tongue being too large for the oral space and in which case there is likelihood that you do have snoring and sleep apnea.  If there is not significant snoring or breathing disturbances at night, then genioplasty with chin implants or other options are available and will require minimal downtime (around 3 days).

Kristina Tansavatdi, MD
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Best Options for Chin, Jaw, Lower Face Profile?

       You will need an exam of your bite to determine the relative positions of your maxilla and mandible.  A chin implant will certainly help with chin projection.  However, there are a number of procedures that may be appropriate or better suited to address your anatomical concerns and goals.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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