Options for Areola Scar Revision After Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I got breast augmentation surgery done about 3 years ago (saline implants, under the muscle). I wanted to just go for a more natural look however I am very unhappy with the resulting scars and have been somewhat regretting taking my surgeons recommendation to go through the areola. Basically I am just wondering what my options are as far as scar revision is concerned and what your recommendations are. Thank you

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Options for Areola Scar Revision After Breast Augmentation?

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We plastic surgeons try to place the areolar scar along the border between the darker areolar skin and the normal adjacent skin.

It does seem to me that the areolar pigmentation can spread over time. This results in the surgical scar lying inside the areola instead of along its edge.

I recommend you see your original surgeon to discuss revision of the scar or, as a number of my colleagues have suggested, medical tattooing.

Your result looks otherwise very pleasing.

Good luck!

Areola Augmentation Scars

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Problem is that the scars have been placed just inside the areola perimeter, not along the junction between un-pigmented skin and areola. In the latter position the (invariably pale) scar is less noticeable. Revision could be done by removing the crescent of areola outside the scar so that the new scar blends in with the pale breast skin and you don't have a 'bulls-eye' appearance.

Certainly tattooing is an option. Regrettably,  brown tattoo pigment fades with time and the tattoo will need to be repeated.

J. Brian Boyd, MD
Rolling Hills Estates Plastic Surgeon
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Light scars noticeable in areolae.

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The scar looks quite thin, but is lighter than the surrounding areolar pigment. That is obviously hampering your enjoyment of what otherwise looks like a nice result. Ask if your surgeon does tattooing, and if not ask for a referral to a colleague who does. 

Breast reconstructive surgeons often use tattooing for creating or improving the areola after reconstruction, and I think this will offer the best chance for camouflaging the scar. 


An attempt to redo this scar will likely result in a similar outcome. 


Best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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It looks like you have a great shape so congrats on an amazing outcome. I think given the location of your scars I would suggest medical tattoo to blend the scar with your areola

Periareola scars from breast augmentation

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If you are unhappy with the color of the scars from the breast augmentation. you may want to consider medical tattooing to blen the color better.

Consider a scar revision

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Every person heals differently. Since your scars have not improved over the first year you really have no other option but a scar revision.  

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