Options for 16 year old? (photo)

What options do you recommend for a 16 year old who is generally happy with her face except that she feels she needs cheekbones. She is not looking for large sculptured cheeks but some projection where she feels it is simply flat. She also hates the circles under her eyes, which she may be less pronounced with some sort of enhancement in the area. At her age would you suggest she wait until she is older? or start with a filler. what would be long lasting?

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Fillers for a 16 year-old

Although you are quite young for such a treatment, the use of fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane might be good options for you to treat the tear trough areas and cheeks. It would be best to review this in person with a highly trained physician such as a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to determine if you're a good candidate that would benefit and that you have realistic expectations.

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Nonsurgical Cheek and Lower Lid Augmentation With Fillers Are Appropriate Alternatives To Surgery

Nonsurgical cheek augmentation with volumizing fillers is a rapid and excellent way to improve the upper mid face region without the need for invasive surgery and significant downtime especially in a young person. In most cases, the procedure may be completed in no more than twenty minutes with immediate return to work or social activities. Nonsurgical augmentation with volumizing fillers has the additional benefit of being able to modified in accordance with age-related changes in the area.

A good way to determine whether someone might benefit from nonsurgically revolumizing the cheeks and the mid-face region is to ask them to smile. If the smile lifts the fallen tissue back into place and rounds the contours of the cheeks making them appear more youthful, it is a good indication that nonsurgically volumizing the above regions with injectable volumizing agents, would yield immediate, durable, and gratifying results.

For nonsurgically augmenting cheeks, I prefer to use Radiesse or Radiesse combined with Perlane L. I rely on these agents for these purposes in my Upper East Side New York City practice. In Israel, where I have a satellite office and where a far greater number of more robust volumizing fillers are available, I prefer to use Juvederm Voluma or Stylage XXL, either alone or in combination with Radiesse or Restylane SubQ..

For most persons, with the passage of time, loss of volume and displacment in the direction of the jaw accounts for the elongation of the lower lid and sunken, hollow appearance directly under the eyes. In others, as seems to be the case here, these problems may be linked to a family trait predisposition for early development. Dark circles, due in part to the reflection of the darkish color of the underlying vessels may also be prematurely present.

Under eye hollows and dark circles may also be safely treated with the injection of fillers, such as Belotero Balance (my personal favorite for the thin skin under the eyes) and Restylane.It usually takes about five minutes to treat each lower lid, and the results are immediate, typically evoking a "Wow!" response from the patients when they look in the mirror.

While minimal bruising, tenderness, swelling and redness may occur following treatment in this delicate region, these are usually temporary and disappear spontaneously within one to seven days. Most people can return to work or social activities immediately or the following day and may use makeup if desired.

It is crucial to seek treatment by a board certified aesthetic physician with extensive experience in treating these areas.

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Facial surgery in teenagers

Cheek augmentation or other facial surgery should be avoided at your age. The face is still growing and implants may wind up as the wrong size down the line. They also might interfere with growth. So avoid that option until you are older. Fillers are probably fine at the moment since they are not permanent and will not cause issues with growth in the future. Cheek and under eye area are good places for fillers. Make sure you will be OK with some discomfort during the injection and you'll do just fine. Parental consent would be required so talk with then first.

All the best.

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