What Options Should I Considered for my Undereye Bags?

I been having noticable undereye bags since I was 8 or 9. I wasted tons of money on eye creams such as Clean & Clear Undereye Stick, Hydroxatone, St. Ives Cumcumber gel, Prespectives Eye Cream, etc. They all didn't work. I have allergies I believed contribute to it. Many ppl tell me they are barely noticeable and I should leave them alone and it isn't that serious. Should I considered dratic options such as laser treatments, just accept, or camouflage with makeup?

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Undereye hollows

It is difficult to tell from the photos posted but it looks like you have hollows/tear trough deformity under your eyes rather than "bags".  This can be treated by fillers but it would be best to address your specific concerns with a local surgeon.

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Under eye bags

A lot of people confuse under eye bags, which are generally treated with surgery, with tear trough deformity.

A tear trough deformity is the line that separates the eye area from the cheek area. This line can be treated with injectables and without the need for surgery.

It is hard to tell from your pictures what your concern is. I would seek the expertise of a local physician.


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