Options for Butt Augmentation?

I am very interested in butt augmentation. I *really* like the idea of the Brazilian butt lift, however, I am 5'9 and 120 lbs and I do not have the extra fat to have liposuctioned from thighs/abs/etc. What are my options for butt augmentation if I don't want to use an actual implant? Can fat be used from a family member? How much fat is needed for the implant? Thanks for any help.

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Buttock Augmentation Options

Your best bet is to at least attempt fat transfer to the buttocks. I have termed this the S-Curve Buttock Lift because that is really what it is. You can't just think of this procedure as a buttock specific procedure because when it is done properly, the entire body sillhouette transforms. It is rare that I am not able to find enough fat to make a visual difference.  It is definitely the safest option at this time. Non of the fillers have been tested long enough for the buttock and implants have horribly high complication rates.

One way to look at is, is that if you do not think your buttock has increased in volume enough then what have you lost, nothing really.  This is because you have had your overall body shape improved to enhance your buttocks so you are ahead in the game now to try a second option. In my opinion, fat transfer shouls always be done primarily.

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Butt Augmentation Options

Brazilian butt lift (fat transfer to the buttock) is the best procedure to enhance your buttock because it enables your plastic surgeon to transform your entire shape. Liposuction is performed over several areas depending on the individual patient needs, but typically of the flanks, abdomen, back and thighs. This is an amazing procedure because it allows your surgeon to tailor your results to your individual needs and desires!

The amount of fat needed depends on the shape and needs of each individual patient, however in general at least 500cc per buttock need to be placed to see a significant difference. On average patients typically receive around 800cc per buttock side for a total of 1600cc of fat transfer. However just like a breast augmentation the amount of fat needed various from patient to patients. Also the sculpting done with the liposuction is a big part of the procedure to improve the overall shape.

If a patient has a BMI less than 22 they typically will not have enough fat for the Brazilian butt lift. In these patients buttock implants are a good option for our thin patients.

Some patients have both the fat transfer and implants as this helps improve the overall shape and give them more augmentation than would be possible with either procedure alone.

It is important that you discuss your buttock augmentation options with a board certified plastic surgeon.

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Fat is the only safe injectable material for the buttocks.

At this time, fat can only be donated from your body due to rejection.  If you tried using someone else's fat, which would be great in a lot of cases, the fat will not survive.  If you do not have enough fat for the procedure, you can try to gain a little weight.  Before doing so and if you are serious about the procedure, contact a board certified PS and talk about your options.  Fat is the only safe injectable material.  Avoid hydrogel injections as they are not FDA approved and illegal to use in the US. 

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Buttocks Augmentation when you have little to no fat...... What to do????

Don't you just love the "Canned" response! LOL

I have to agree with you. With your height and weight, you probably have very little if any extra fat to be removed. Sometimes, when you are that thin, a little bit removed, or a little bit added can be enough to make a reasonable difference, but it will not be dramatic. The smallest I have ever done was about 200 cc of fat per side. The patient was very happy as this gave her some shape which she was lacking, but as you can imagine, her butt was not huge, just improved.
Butt Implants are there only other option. I don't know of too many Plastic Surgeons who are very enthusiastic about doing them because the complication rate is so high.
Actually there is one other option, which many women laugh at when they hear it...... Gain some weight. The areas where you gain can then be liposuctioned and this fat transferred to your buttocks.
Good luck
Dr M

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What are my options for butt enhncement?

I do a fair amount of Brazilian Butt lifts these days and I must say I can always find enough fat from the individual to do the job. Unfortunately the fat has to come from your own body.

In order to get the best looking result liposuction has to be performed around the buttock so as to make them stand out. I usually do the inner and outer thighs, the lower back and the hip and flank areas to improve the appearance of the buttocks by eliminating the areas of fat surrounding the buttocks. If additional fat is needed it can usually come from the abdomen.

If a total of 200cc of fat is transferred to each buttock in a situation such as yours it will still be significant

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Options for Butt Augmentation

Yes, it's possible to achieve that Jennifer Lopez, sculpted buttock using your own specially prepared fat taken from another part of the body, such as the stomach or hips. Buttock augmentation with your own fat allows you to get a natural, more pleasing shape and contour to the backside by augmenting curves, correcting an imbalance or increasing size and prominence of the buttock. You also get the benefit of reducing another area of your body while you enhance your butt and all without implants, which can be painful. The technique is called autologous fat transfers and autologous simply means "your own." And who doesn't have a little fat to spare? It's safe because it came from you, so you can't have a reaction to it. The procedure is quick and not particularly painful and can be performed without the need for general anesthesia!

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Butt Augmentation Options

Butt enhancement is NOT only about increasing butt volume and walking away. It is much more about - getting a more ideal (IE 0.7 and lower Waist to Hip Ratio) - Obtain definition of the V zone valley along the upper portion of the medial buttock cheeks as they diverge and the upper poles of the buttocks - filling in buttocks depressions (especially along the sides where the leg bone joins the pelvis) - Increasing buttock volume strategically along the dome of each cheek In my opinion, fat transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift) is the best and most versatile and customizable way to enhance buttock volume. Buttock implants, especially with the types of implants available in the US, is a very distant second. If you are thin and do not have sufficient fat elsewhere (at least 1,500 cc of fat), the operation will not have a major impact on you. Use of fat from another human or animal source will NOT work because your body will STRONGLY reject it. Dr. Peter Aldea

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