Options to Make Asian Face More Feminine?

I feel like my face is round and flat and I don't like the way light hits my face (i.e. it gives my forehead a dented appearance). I want a more feminine look to my face, like fuller cheekbones or buccal fat removal, a more convex-shaped forehead with a more feminine nose, etc. I believe that I have attractive features which would be improved dramatically with relatively small enhancements but I'm nervous about over doing it. What procedure(s) would you recommend to enhance my features?

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Facial implants

You do not state your age but from the photos I would guess you are well under 30 years of age. Some of your concerns will be addressed by the aging process. I cannot see anything wrong with your forehead and would highly recommend leaving it alone. The only things I would suggest are cheek implants and a radix implant. If you drop a vertical plane down from the cornea you see a gap between that plane and the cheek. We call that a negative vector and usually place cheek implants for that. The deepest part of the upper root of the nose is usually at the level of the upper eyelid crease. Yours is below that level. In the presence of an otherwise good nasal bridge as in your case I prefer a radix implant. You could just do the cheeks or just do the radix or do both as you prefer.

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