Is Chin Augmentation the Best Option for me?

Hi. I'm 20 years old(live in Norway).I've always hated the shape of my face and how my face looks in a profile. I contacted a surgeon, sent him my photos, he told me that shortening the chin, would be the single best option for me. Before I contacted him, I was considering a chin augmentation. I don't even know what the main problem is, I hope you guys can help me out? If I was to undergo a surgery and spend alot of money on this, I really want to get noticeable results and improvements.

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Chin aumentation not a good option

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Based on the pictures you submitted, , a procedure that would shorten your chin vertically , would seem to be the best option. If this large chin  is not a family characteristic and your chin and other bones in your body  are still growing, you should have your doctor confirm you do not have a pituitary gland problem.

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