Best Option for Under Eye Hollows of Patient W/ Rare Defective Collagen Disease?

Though still relatively young (mid 40's),dealing w/ a rare genetic disease (severe form 'Classic' Ehlers Danlos Syndrome), coupled w/ several yrs of adv. Degenerative Spine Disease, has left me quite literally, looking as if death has warmed me over a few times... Despite everything, a most disturbing aspect is how 'sick' I now look. Overall, while I have minimal wrinkling, the sunken, hollow under eye area is of the most concern. What (affordable) options are there w/ such a collagen defect?

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I would be exceedingly careful with this.

EDS is a very tough disease.  I would be very concerned that a well meaning surgeon could cause harm to you in an effort to help your appearance.  All patients with any form of Ehlers Danlos have abnormalities of healing due to the nature of the syndrome.  Any ethical cosmetic surgeon should have grave concerns with the treatment you are seeking.  To put things into prespective, I deal with many individuals with thin lower eyelids who have recieved filler for their lower eyelids and have issues with the treatment.  In EDS, the skin and connective tissues are even more compromised.  These services work because they literally hide out in the lower eyelid soft tissue.  In EDS there will be no place for this material to hide.  I would be concerned that even if the treatment did not tear or damage the lower eyelid tissue, as it settled it would be impossibly lumpy.  So not only do I have concerned that there are no affordable options, I am not sure there are any good options at any price.  I would recommend that you discuss your wishes with the physician who is managing your overall care and see what they have to say.  You might also contact the Ehlers Danlos National Foundation and see if they have any information on this topic.

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