Best Option to Fix my Profile? (photo)

Two things concern me about my weak chin/ low jaw and my horrendous neck line. I have a thinner face so from the sides my face just blends right into my neck. To correct this I had a large silicone implant with wings along with lipo done 4 weeks ago. This balanced out my profile but I feel like it looks a bit unnatural and maybe I should have gone with jaw surgery or a sliding genioplasty instead. Please look at my pics and give honest opinion. Is swelling still there at 4 wks?

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Best Option to Fix my Profile?

Allow 3 months healing time than consider Thermigen RF therapy. Or more sub mental liposuction to area. 

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Neck Contour in patients with poor neckline

Based upon your preoperative photos, you have an anteriorly displaced neck that makes your neck less defined in addition to the submental fat and weak chin. Your postoperative photos actually look quite good and I would give it some more time to heal. It may be possible to do some additional neck contouring depending upon your age and skin laxity but I would wait at least six months before considering anything else.

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Best Option to Fix my Profile?

       An exam would be helpful, but you may get a great deal of benefit from subplatysmal fat removal and muscle tightening of the neck.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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