What Are the Optimum Conditions for Tattoo Removal?

I know that it depends on the age, size, color and the quality. I do not know what extent though. Is it easier to remove an older tattoo or a younger one? How visible is it afterward depending on the age? What about size? The bigger the tattoo the easier? or the opposite? Once again what is the end result like? If the tattoo was done fairly well I assume that the higher you pay for fine quality the higher you will pay to get it off. Are the detailed tattoos harder to remove? Personal and doctor's opinion wanted.

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Tattoo removal

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some of the tattoos that have been removed with fewer treatments and with better results have been very recently applied tattoos in my practice. Still, most laser tattoo removal does require several monthly treatments, the number can vary between a few and 12 or more. Multi-color tattoos require different wavelengths of lasers for the best result.

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