Can I Opt out of Lift? (photo)

I've been to 3 ps. 2 of which says I can go with larger implants and opt out of lift. One ps said anchor lift on one and he'd lift through nipple on other. I don't scar well at all. I just want bigger I really didn't want a lift.

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Breast augmentation vs. breast lift

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You need to make sure your surgeon accounts for your asymmetry. The left breast is larger and hangs lower than the right breast and the areola diameter is larger on the left. Only placing implants can make the breasts more symmetric in size if a larger one is placed on the right but that will not address the different sized areolae and different nipple positions.

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Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

To lift or not to lift

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You should avoid the lift if...
1. You aren't bothered by the position of your nipples.
2. You don't mind the amount of breast tissue that hangs below the fold under your breast.
3. You understand that a larger implant will be heavier and lead to faster sag or "ptosis" over time.
4. You are more bothered by the thought of the scars then you are of the possibility that your implant may sit higher on your chest than the breast (the snoopy look). This would look normal in bras and bathing suits but would be more obvious in the nude.

If any of those things bother you, then you should opt for the lift. If not, then you might be very happy with a larger implant. You can always go back and have a lift after if you are unhappy with your result. Best of luck!

LIft or not with implants

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If you absolutely do not want a lift and jsut want more volume, then implants alone can be placed. You can always have the lift later on.

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Can I Opt out of Lift?

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Sure you can just chose the PS you like for implants only. Understand you will still be droopy. Good luck. 


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Your nipples are below the breast crease. If you insert implants only the nipples will be at the bottom of the breast mound and point downwards.  You definitely need a lift.  Solving sagging with large implants is NOT the answer.  What type of lift depends on the size of the implants selected.

You can opt out of a lift, but you may not like the results

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Your photo suggests that your breast is stretched out enough that a lift would create a better cosmetic result.  An implant, even a large one, can only produce a modest amount of lift.  That being said, no one is required to have a lift procedure.  Implants placed "low enough" can create a reasonable, larger, but droopy breast shape.  The problem is, that if you decide later to have a lift procedure done, it is more difficult to raise the implant as well.  Another option is to place the implant at a natural position, in which case the breast tissue tends to droop over the implant.  Which ever way you chose, make sure to discuss your concerns with your surgeon before surgery.  Best of luck.

Michael S. Hopkins, MD (retired)
Albuquerque Plastic Surgeon

Opting out of breast lift

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Anything you do is a personal decision and nobody 'needs' a lift in the strictest sense. If you are OK with the way you look, a larger implant should be just fine. Breast lift scars can be a problem for many.

Implants will make your breast bigger.

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The need for the lift depends on the position of the nipple, size of the areola ,breast shape and patient expectations. If you are not ready to have lift, then just get implant with the understanding that you will need to have lift later on.

Can I Opt out of Lift?

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   You can always have the breast augmentation done with the understanding that a lift may be necessary later.  I have done many breast augmentations on women who looked to need lifts before hand but avoided them in the long term.  Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of breast augmentation and breast lift procedures each year.  Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Can I Opt out of Lift?

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No one can force you to have a lift. 

Some surgeons may feel strongly enough that the outcome will be unsatisfactory that they may not want to do an enlargement without a lift, and if so, go elsewhere. 

The risk and it is a real one, is a look of your own breast tissue hanging off the implants. You may wind up bigger, but less attractive. If so,  a lift can always be done later. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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