Opinion on Laser / Vaser Lipo Combo on Stomach and Flanks?

I'm 45 - 5'4, 140 lbs. I exercise and eat healthy. I want my stomach (upperlower)& flanks done. My skin has reasonably good elasticity, but my skin tends to keloid easily. Also, doctor said my core muscle has some separation thus fats easily accumulate. Like to learn pros and cons of combined Laser / Vaser lipo treatment? Supposedly laser can liquify fats on upper layer where Vaser can break up denser fat region underneath. My concern is any skin irregularities (bumps / unevenness) afterward.

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Lipo for abdomen

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Liposuction.  I have used almost all the technologies out there , and I haven;t found one that is that better thatn any other.  It is not the wand but the  magician that creates the magic.

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Best option is Hidef Lipoplasty

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Given your description and what you are interested in, you may be a good candidate for hidef liposculpting. In my practice, we use the Smartlipo Triplex for dermal release and the Vaser for disrupting the fat and use power assisted liposuction for sculpting. Hidef procedure has a much less chance of undesirable irregularities which are common with other forms of liposuction techniques. Also, you will achieve not just fat debulking as with other types of liposuction, but true atheletic definition and contour symmetry. Hidef procedure requires more intensive post-lipo care and recovery but the results are unmatched by any other technique.


Edwin Ishoo, MD
Cambridge Facial Plastic Surgeon

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