In Your Opinion, is 700cc on a 37y.o. 5'3", 145lb Woman with Already a 36c Too Big?

I am going in for surgery on August 2 and have a wonderful relationship with my PS. I have gotten two very different opinions about the size I wish to go and am going with the doctor that will let me go larger to a point. The first doctor said 550cc was it and he would go no higher, this doctor said that although the cm of the 700 mentor moderate plus is 15.8cm and he usually goes to 15.4, he can make it work with my body type. I have been a 38DD during my 4 children and want it back. Opinions?

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Is 700cc too big?

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I am glad you have a wonderful relationship with your PS.... that is how it should be....

Generally, I ask patients to see photos of the size you would like to achieve to determine the size of the implant.  I choose the implant when I am in the operating room and have a temporary sizer in place filled to the amount that achieves the goals the patient is wanting to achieve.  I think photos are very helpful to take to your surgeon.. take photos that are too small, too large and just right.  Remember that no surgeon can make your body match anyone else's but in my opinion, photos help tremendously when I am trying to achieve a patient's goals.  I can't say if 700cc is too big for you because I would need to see your body proportions as well as the goals you want to achieve.  

Ultra-Large Volume Breast Augmentation

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Although I believe a plastic surgeon should try to help a patient achieve her goals, a more important obligation is to help her avoid bad choices. In my opinion, placing 700 cc breast implants in a 5'3" woman who is already a C cup is outrageous. You will look very top heavy and likely have significant problems with sagging over time. You should never pick a plastic surgeon just because he or she is going to do what you want. You are paying for judgement as well as technical expertise.

Implant size

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I feel that the most important thing is that you have a good understanding and communication with your plastic surgeon. 700cc in general are quite large, especially if you are already a c cup. Your surgeon has probably already gone over the risks associated with the use of a larger implant. As long as you know these risks and have discussed this at length with your plastic surgeon the decision is yours.

Breast Implant Size

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700cc is quite large and may be overwhelming on a 5'3 frame.  The larger you go the more the implants weigh.  Therefore, the chances of them stretching the skin and sagging will be greater.  

Is 700cc too big?

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A 700cc implant is huge, particularly in a 5'3" woman who is already a C-cup.  A 15.8 cm implant width is extremely wide for most patients, so unless you have the chest/ribcage width of a much larger person, I cannot picture how this implant will fit well within your breast diameter.  I most commonly use moderate plus width implants, but when the size gets larger the diameter constraints makes me switch to a high profile implant so that it fits within the proper dimensions of the breast and chest wall.  I worry that you have found a surgeon who is willing to do what you want but not necessarily advise you to do what is safe and serves your best interests in the long run. The risk of skin and soft tissue stretching with a large and heavy implant of that size and dimension over time is very high, and this would lead to problems that are not always treatable.  Unless you have an incredible amount of loose skin to fill up (in which case you might need a skin-reducing lift), a 700cc implant is probably going to look VERY unnatural. If that is your goal, maybe you will be happy.  Perhaps you should show your surgeon photos of breasts that you find aesthetically pleasing, and if they don't look like over-filled birthday balloons you might reconsider your choice of size and surgeon.

Confusion about breast implant size

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It is nice that you have a great relationship with your plastic surgeon but that doesn't mean it will translate into short and long term results that you can and will be happy with. Without posting photos, it is purely conjecture as to what would be appropriate for you. A physical examination would be the most accurate way of providing you with more precise opinions.

With the information that you provided, my gut feeling is that the 700cc implant may be too large and too wide. You must also consider the long term consequences of this implant: marked thinning of the skin, drooping, etc.

It may be in your best interest to seek 2 more consultations with other board certified plastic surgeons before arriving at a decision with regard to doctor and implant. My recommendation generally is to leave the decision of the final implant size with the doctor as this will allow more flexibility to obtain the result that you want.

Are 700 cc implants too big in a pt with a 36C bra size?

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Prior to choosing the size of beast implants it is really necessary to evalute the breasts. Based upon your history and dimensions it would seem that 700 cc implants would be too big, even if your skin can accomodate that size. What you try to create are natural looking breasts that are proportionate to your body.. With your size and measurements it would seem that 700 cc is too large. It is important to have a good rapport with your plastic surgeon,but in this case I think you may want to check with him again and perhaps have a consult with one other surgeon. Good luck!

700 cc implants

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700 cc implants are very large. WIthout an exam I couldn't say but most of my patients base diameter run between 10-12 cms, and that is why they receive smaller implants.

Breast lift and breast implants

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Without photos or a face to face examination it is impossible to say what would be your best option but not too hard to say what would not be a good option.

Given your history of 5'3" 145pound 36c who was 38DD when pregnant means it is likely that you have stretched breast skin with stretchmarks. If you just fill the envelope of skin or overfill it the combination of gravity and a heavy implant will stretch the skin even more leading to the need for more surgery sooner rather than later. If you just put an implant in relative to your torso proportions you will have an inadequately filled skin envelope. Just putting in a large 700cc implant or just putting in a smaller proportionate implant do not seem like good ideas from this angle.

My response to your question/post does not represent formal medical advice or constitute a doctor patient relationship. You need to consult with i.e. personally see a board certified plastic surgeon in order to receive a formal evaluation and develop a doctor patient relationship.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

700 cc may be just right

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Some surgeons may be able to pick a number, we prefer to choose a look, and then work with a selection of implants during the procedure to match the look the patient is expecting. The 700 cc implant might be 'right' for you but what if another would be better. Will your surgeon make a change and give you the look you want, or will he stuff in the 700 cc implant that you agreed on? Should he make it work, or  use good judgment and use another implant which might be better? And the surgeon who will not go above 550 cc? A little dogmatic, though probably is making sense. Again though, its is just a number. Find the look you want, and find a surgeon who will get you there.

Best of luck,


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