Narrow Bridge, Shorter Nostrils - Is This a Very Serious Operation?

I want do get my nose done and I wonder about the risks related to my operation. I would like to make the bridge smaller and more defined. I'd like to remove a small bump and shorten my nostrils a little bit. Plus some cartilage from the tip. The look I wish is a more narrow bridge that's a little bit concave, shorter nostrils and a more defined tip. How complex does this sound? Do you recommend any speciel doctor for this operation?

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How complex is nose surgery?

Rhinoplasty, in general, is a demanding procedure because the result is obvious (in the middle of your face), and even one or two millimeters of asymmetry or unanticipated contour is noticeable.  Nasal skeletal structures must be surgically exposed and reduced, augmented, and recontoured as desired.  The medium we surgeons are working with, skin, cartilage, bone, sutures, and possibly other materials, is dynamic (changes with time), and these changes must be anticipated in advance.  The outcome is subject to some variability depending on many factors.  Surgeons are engaged in a constant effort to better control our rhinoplasty results.

Most rhinoplasty procedures involve more surgery than you may realize (to mobilize and reconstruct existing tissues) for even small changes in the appearance of the nose.

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