Is It Ok to Be Operated for BBL by a GS Board Certified Rather Than PS Board Certified?

I found some great Plastic Surgeon who have great before and after pictures, but some of them are only GS Board certified and not PS board certified. Should this be of a concern?? Some doctors who are PS Board Certified I didn't like their work. So there a significant difference before GS and PS?

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A General Surgeon does not have the additional training a Plastic Surgeon would have

General Surgery is no longer 'general'. A general surgeon usually performs abdominal surgery (bowels, liver, hernia etc) and breast cancer (lumpectomies and mastectomies).  A plastic surgeon is a surgeon who has specialized training in Plastic Surgery, of which Cosmetic Surgery is one component.  So ask yourself.  Would you want your Orthopedic Surgeon do your Cardiac Surgery?  

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PS vs GS

I would highly recommend that you try to find a board certified PS. In order to become a plastic surgeron, the training is much more focused on aesthtics and the overall cosmetics. That is not to say there aren't general surgeons who are not good at some cosmetic procedures, but that particular procedure should be done by a plastic surgeon. At our practice, we do approximately 6-8 BBL's per week, so that could help you find a surgeon that works for you. But at the very least find a board certified PS.

Best of luck

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Be SURE your surgeon IS Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery!

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There are only a few reasons I can think of why a plastic surgeon would advertise that they are Board Certified in General Surgery (or worse, "Board Eligible"- which is actually against our bylaws)... and none of those reasons reflect well on the doctor...

Before you have ANY plastic surgery, PLEASE (for the sake of your safety and happiness) be sure you use only a surgeon certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery.

There are many with lots of experience performing BBL and you should be able to find one whose outcomes you admire.

Please also know that it is not unheard of for less scrupulous doctors to show photos of other surgeons' work as their own (this is why all of my photos are watermarked) - be careful.

Armando Soto, MD, FACS
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Brazilian butt lift and general surgeons

When a doctor is board certified in plastic surgery it means that he's been trained in cosmetic surgery. a lot of plastic surgeons are trained general surgeons 1st before they apply for the plastic surgery training. General surgeons are required to train in general surgery for 5 years. In my case I trained for the 5 years in general surgery and then did one year of burn surgery followed by 2 years of plastic surgery training.

What this means is a doctor who is trained well in the procedure that they do is more likely to prevent complications and if complications occur are more likely to solve the complications then a doctor who is not trained in that specialty. Any doctor can do a procedure but it takes a good doctor to get you out of trouble if something goes wrong.

Wendell Perry, MD
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Plastic or General Surgery

Thank you for the question.

Yes there is a very significant difference between general surgeons and plastic surgeons when it comes to performing aesthetic breast surgery.   

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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You need a plastic surgeon

You absolutely need a doctor who is a board certified Plastic Surgeon. Most plastic surgeons have completed full training in general surgery and then went on for additional training in plastic surgery. There are some excellent board certified plastic surgeons in NY who routinely perform BBL (myself included) so if you haven't found a good one, look again. General surgeons do not have the specialized training you require.

Matthew Schulman, MD
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Quality Plastic Surgery

I am a fully trained general surgeon and a fully trained plastic surgeon. It takes more training for a general surgeon to do plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Do you want your plastic surgeon to do your cardiac surgery? your vascular surgery? Your gall ballder surgery? your gastric bypass , your pancreatic surgery etc etc

simply the motivation here for that general surgeon is FINANCIAL., BUYER BE WARE

Samir Shureih, MD
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Keep looking

If you are board certified in general surgery, it means you trained to do general surgery. That is hernias, abdominal and breast surgery, not cosmetic surgery. Most plastic surgeons spent at least another two to three years doing plastic, cosmetic surgery. Although board certification in plastic surgery does not guarantee a perfect result, it at least means that your doctor trained in and is board certified in what you want.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
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