IPL or Laser by Medical Technician or Aesthetician?

Who Can Operate a Medical Devise Such As IPL or Laser? Can a Med Tech or Aestheticain Perform These Procedures?

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Who can do IPL or Laser treatments?

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Great question!  Unfortunately no great answers. Laws, guidelines and regulations regarding laser, IPL, Infrared(IR) and radio-frequency(RF) treatments vary by state and vary greatly.  Some states only allow physicians to operate lasers but allow non-lasers (IPL, RF, IR) to be used by PAs, Nurses, aestheticians, or anyone for that matter.   Some limit lasers to physicians, PAs, nurses but leave the other technologies open to use by everyone else.  You should check with your state medical boards or department of  consumer affairs for the most accurate information on rules and regulations governing laser use.  


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