Opened Underarm BA Incision. Normal?

Hi I'm one week post breast augmentation  surgery and this morning I saw blood the size of what a sweat mark stain would look like.The bleeding has stopped but I have also stopped moving my arm as much.I have yet to shave or drive even no crazy movements. When I lift my arm the incision is as wide as the white of my nail. Should I request my PS take another look at it? Has this happened to anyone else?

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Small separation of the incision.

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This sounds like a small separation (dehiscence) of the incision. Any changes in the incision should warrant a simple phone call to your plastic surgeon. Most times, these are simply treated with conservative bandages and will heal over time. Any fevers, swelling of the breast, or other signs/symptoms of an infection warrant immediate attention.

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Open wound not normal

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A small open wound may not be of concern, but if the wound tracks toward the implant, it could be a source of contamination which could lead to an infection around the implant.  Infected implants often have to be removed for several months until the infection clears completely so don't take any chances by waiting.   I would recommend you go see your plastic surgeon ASAP and have him or her evaluate it.  Hope this helps.

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