Open Wound Three Weeks After Breast Lift with Implants? (photo)

Three weeks ago, I had my implants removed and new ones put in because of a deflation. At the same time, he took off some more skin, as I have skin that looses elasticity very fast. I woke up this morning and saw blood on the tape. I removed the tape and found a one inch opening down below the aerola. I called the after hours and the PS said to put pressure and gauze on it and I would see him in three days. I am scared for infection and it feels funny, a little tingly. any advice?

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Incision breakdown 3 weeks after breast lift with implants

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Thanks for your question. Based on your photograph, the area appears very superficial (ie, does not extend deeply into the breast tissue). The theoretical concern is exposure of the implant; however if the area truly is very superficial there is probably not too much to get worried about. If you feel like the area is opening up, or you notice that it is deeper, I would urge you to see your surgeon immediately. If they aren't available, see a different surgeon, but don't delay: if you have exposed implant, that can set up issues that are really tough to deal with such as bacterial contamination of the implant. Your surgeon will probably recommend (currently, with the superficial issue) simply applying antibiotic ointment and a small dressing, changing that perhaps twice a day.  Good luck!

Matthew Concannon MD

Columbia Plastic Surgeon

Open wound after breast lift/implant exchange.

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The concern is the possibility of infecting the implant which is in the breast.  You should be covered with oral antibiotics and have at least daily dressing changes to the wound.  A topical antibiotic cream such as Silvadene could be helpful in keeping the wound as clean as possible until definitive closure is obtained.  Be sure to see you plastic surgeon as soon as possible and follow their directions.

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