Open Wound Under Right Breast After Breast Lift ? Please Help 17 Days After

I had my surgery breast lift done 17 days ago yesterday i saw 1/2 inch open wound under my right breast when the drain used to be .i am very worry .my breast started to drain yellow fluid not fevor or pain just very upset why this is happening .i still have a stitches on and i am scared 2 remove then becouse i dont want the wound open even more .pls help .one more thing my surgery was done in my home country so no doctor/plastic sug. wants to get a look at me.its very upseting!

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Wound healing problem after mastopexy

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Superficial wound healing problems are not uncommon after mastopexy surgery and usually go on to heal without any further problems. You should be concerned if there are signs of infection present. Also, if you have had breast augmentation surgery together with the mastopexy implant involvement/exposure would be a serious complication.

If you cannot see your plastic surgeon, try to communicate with him/her via phone or e-mail. You may be able to send pictures as well. Also communicate with a well-trained and experienced plastic surgeon in your area (for example via e-mail)  requesting consultation.

Best wishes.

Mastopexy and open world

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It's not uncommon to have a wound separation after a mastopexy. Infection is a thing that you must be most concerned about. Fever, redness and pain would be the signs of infection.

Make sure you contact your physician to let them know what's happening. Good wound care with some type of topical antibiotic and a dressing is important. Leaving the sutras and longer is probably a good idea.

Don't panic this wound will heal and it will look better than you think it can once it's healed.

Complications from surgery abroad

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One of the problems with travel for cosmetic surgery is follow-up for complications after you return to your place of residence. Even if your breast lift was performed in your 'home' country surgeons are reticent to to assume your trust to care for an infection or open wound when you did not trust them to perform your procedure in the first place. Healing problems after breast lift are not common, though they do happen, and certainly a doctor in Canada will take a look and help you.

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