I Have a Open Wound and It's Very Bad What Can I Do for It to Close? Yes I Do Smoke. (photo)

A tummy tuck it's been 4 weeks...

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What to do?

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First of all:  go see your surgeon.  Every week until its healed.  Follow your surgeon's directions to the letter this time.  No smoking.


The black tissue needs to be removed - either with frequent dressing changes or by your surgeon trimming it off.  The wound can then hopefully heal in.  A scar revision can be performed at a later date to make it look prettier.

Wound healing problems after an abdominoplasty

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Marginal necrosis at the wound edge especially in the midline is not unusual following an abdominoplasty. With conservative management it will get better. Your plastic surgeon will help you get this area healed.

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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You should be in regular contact with your surgeon and he should give you dressing changes to perform daily to help encourage the wound to heal from the inside out. He/She may need to excise any non-viable tissue (black scab like material), which can be done as an in-office procedure in most cases. You may need a scar revision 9 months - 1 yr after it heals to make the scar more cosmetically appealing. Good luck!

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