Is This an Open Roof Deformity? It Looks So Flat After the Bump Was Removed. (photo)

I had a primary rhinoplasty to have a hump removed and a narrow nose widened slightly as well as to correct a large tip. The surgeon didn't use any cartilage grafts or anything but broke my nose to do ostetomies. What happened to the result? I hate it! The bridge is wide and flat and just looks wrong. My surgeon is one of the most famous world renowed rhinoplasty surgeons. I did so much research on him. He said that the result is due to scar tissue. What do you think?

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Open Roof Deformity after Nasal Bump Removal

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The appearance of your nose is consistent with an open roof deformity. A physical examination would be necessary to make a definitive diagnosis. This can be corrected but more information would be helpful. When did you have your surgery? Are you sure that no grafts were used?

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