I Had Open Rhynoplasty a Week Ago and my Columella is Droopy and Nostrils Are Not the Same and Not Straight

I know I am a week out from revision rhynoplasty but my columella is droopy and nostrils are not the same and not straight at all please advise what needs to be done. I am worried I feel another revision to be needed.

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Droopy columella and asymmetric nostrils after prior rhinoplasty

IT is a bit early after surgery to be assessing your result. There can be asymmetric swelling at this stage making it hard to determine what the final appearance will look like. You should discuss your concerns with your surgeon as that is who is best able to guide you through the healing process.

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Question about columella

Thank you for the question and the photo. What need to be done at this point is waiting. You need to communicate your concerns with your plastic surgeon and follow his/ her instructions.

In general, it takes several months for the swelling and the scar tissue to subside after rhinoplasty. During that time the nose will continue to change. Best wishes

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