Fixing Stitches After Rhinoplasty

I have recently had an open rhinoplasty about 2 weeks ago. It appears that the incision underneath one side of my nostril (where it was stitched) had pulled away, causing a larger gap in the nostril.

How expensive and detailed is this to repair? And can this be done in an office setting? I’m very concerned! Thank you.

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one or two dissolvable stitches are usually placed using a local anesthetic.

The incision that had pulled away causing a gap in the nostril will probably resolve on its own. If there is a significant gap in the nostril area, one or two dissolvable stitches are usually placed using a local anesthetic.

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Rhinoplasty incision

Small corrections of the rhinoplasty scar can be done in the office setting usually with just local anesthesia.  But, give it some time at least 3-6 months before considering it.

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Minor office procedure

This is a minor office procedure done under local anesthesia and is usually done at minimal or no cost. Discuss this with your surgeon. This is usually done in 30 minutes.

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Repairing Widened Scar After External Approach rhinoplasty

Hi Chi,

Speak with your rhinoplasty surgeon.  Your surgeon should be able to revise the scar in the office under local anesthesia, and I would think at no or minimal charge. 

Be well and enjoy your new nose.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
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