Open rhinoplasty/septoplasty with fascia graft 4 months ago? (photo)

Had rhino 4 mo ago w/a fascia graft to lengthen nose.Since the day of surgery I've been mortified,I knew wouldn't like the result-I still don't like the result.I've learned my dr hasn't been honest w/ me. He put a columellar strut w/o telling me.I feel betrayed,especially being young,and I want a real opinion on my nose now and what I can do in the future.My concerns are that my nose is TOO WIDE and TOO LONG (from top to bottom). Is it?Is it collapsed at all?Is it possible to undo a procedure?

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Open rhinoplasty and fascial graft.

Dear EnBee, At four months your nose is still settling. I see nothing in your photos that looks unusual. Be patient and things should improve. As far as the strut graft, this is a common procdure and is part of almost every open rhinoplasty. Is used for support and usually doesn't impact appearance very much. Stay in touch with your surgeon. I'm sure they want you to be satisfied. Good luck.

Brookline Plastic Surgeon
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Swelling after surgery

Fascia grafts can almost double the duration of postop swelling. This is the tradeoff for the smoothness you get from the grafts. It is important to be patient. As far as your columellar strut- that is not an unusual graft: it adds support to your tip and can compensate for loss of support that comes from any surgery. A surgeon cannot always know for sure before surgery which grafts or exactly what technique he will use because rhinoplasty is a dynamic and creative operation. Good Luck.

Roy A. David, MD
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Open rhinoplasty/septoplasty with fascia graft 4 months ago?

WOW! Are you serious??? The result appears very very good. Maybe your expectations are or were unrealistic...

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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