I Have Had an Open Rhinoplasty During Late June 2012 and I Am 15 Months Postop. (photo)

My Swelling Was Going Down Until February 2013. when i was washing my face and was a little harsh on my nose so it kind of "clicked", and blood came out. During 5 months blood came out every time i blew my nose and it has been swollen as well. My bleeding stopped but the swelling has persisted, my nose tip still gets swollen today and it gets really hard on the tip too. Pictures taken the last 4 months, first 3 are "swollen" and the last 3 are down in swelling. I feel really bad about this as it really changes my appearance. Thank you.

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BLeeding and swelling 15 months after rhinoplasty

  1. Swelling after rhinoplasty can last up to 18 months.
  2. But after your nose bleed yesterday, call the surgeon who did your open rhinoplasty.
  3. You may have a bone fragment or a suture that needs to be removed - that caused the click, bleeding and swelling. Best wishes.


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Post operative bleeding after rhinoplasty

In such case you should go back to your original surgeon so that you can be examined and source of your bleeding and concerns can be checked.

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I Have Had an Open Rhinoplasty During Late June 2012 and I Am 15 Months Postop.

Posted photos are toooo close up to see the facial relationship to your nasal result. Please re post more distance views. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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