I Had Open Rhino Two Weeks Ago and Now my Nose is Crooked and Uneven Will This Go Away? (photo)

Before my surgery I had a droopy nose and indentation on the right side of my face. Two weeks ago I had open rhino and my tip was raised and bone shave, now my tip is crooket to the right side.Inside the right nastril I can feel a little bump like scar tissue. The columellar is pointing to the right and it looks really bad. I also want to mention that my ps took off my cast on the fourth day and I didn't have tampons in my nose.Is this just sweeling or will it stay like this pointy to the right?

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Open Rhino Two Weeks Ago and Now Nose is Crooked

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Swelling 2 weeks post surgery is normal and can create an asymmetrical look initially. It is too early to judge the results. Express your concern to your surgeon so he/she can monitor you properly.

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Crooked and Uneven Nose 2 Weeks Post Rhinoplasty

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Asymmetrical, temporary swelling 2 weeks after rhinoplasty may cause your nose to look crooked and uneven but the best way to answer your question is to see your surgeon. If your columella and tip remain deviated, a revision will be necessary.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Two weeks post rhinoplasty is to early to determine final result

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Two weeks post surgery is to early to determine your result and how your nose will heal. Without seeing any preoperative photographs of your nose with the same view it is hard to evaluate your situation. With that said your nostrils are very asymmetric and it is possible you will need revision surgery to correct this. As far as this being caused due to your early splint removal or "lack of tampons" in your nose is highly unlikely and more related to your preoperative anatomy and/or the surgical procedure. I typically remove the splint in seven days and I only place packs in the nose for twenty four hours so these are not issues that will affect your overall results. If it is decided that revision surgery is needed may I caution you to wait a full year for your swelling and healing process to be complete. With my best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

Michael Elam, MD
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