I Had Open Revision for Nasal Tip?

I had open revision for nasal Tip , the doctor over reduced my nasal tip cartilage , and also elevated it so high 2cm , in day 7 after operation i couldnt take my breath , so i pulled my nose forcibly down about 1cm till i reached to it's end of stretching , i'm now in 6 month , i feel that my nose muscles have deformed , it keeps contracts till it close my nose completely , causing vomiting - close of breath and pain in cheek muscles , i want to know what happened to my nose and whats the treat

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Problems Following Revision Rhinoplasty

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Thanks for your inquiry.

However, for any surgeon to even touch this question and attempt to give an answer that provides any degree of helpfulness, we will need, at the very least, before and after photographs, at multiple angles, preferably using the same camera, lighting and angles used in the "before" photos. We really do want to help, but you need to help us in this way in order to help you better.

Tip revision

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It sounds like you have a complex issue. The muscles in and around the nose flare the nostrils and/or pull the tip down.

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