Treatment Did Not Treat My Open Bite, Do I Have To Pay For the Correction?

I had lingual braces and they were taken off in 2008. They were straightened but I still have an open bite which was supposed to be corrected. I paid $10,000 for this treatment and expected results. I don't have another 10k to do this again. Do orthodontists correct this for unsatisfied patients or am I out of my money?

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Three Reasons Your Orthodontic Treatment May Have Failed

If the results of your orthodontic treatment are not what you expected, it could be for one of three reasons. First, your orthodontist may not have had the right diagnosis, treatment plan, skills, or attentiveness to achieve the promised result. Second, you may not have been as faithful with your part of the treatment (coming to all appointsments, not breaking wires or brackets, keeping your teeth clean, wearing your rubber bands, having necesary the surgeries, etc.). And third, even if you and your orthodontist did your part, you still have to contend with mother nature, the way your body responds to the treatment provided. If you feel that you and your body cooperated 100% (which is difficult to prove), then you should discuss your concerns about the treatment you recieved with your doctor. Good luck!

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Openbite correction with lingual braces

You should discuss the results with your doctor. It could be that this is as far as your teeth can move and more involved approach like surgery might be needed to correct the bite if there are underlining skeletal problems present.

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