Open Bite - Jaw Surgery or Braces?

Im a 22 Year old female and have had open bite all my life. Im not sure what has caused it but I really want to sort it out as its really affecting my confidence. Ive heard that braces is one solution but have heard from other sources that surgery is the only option for severe cases like mine. Which solution do you think would be best for me & do any of these methods have a guarantee that the open bite wont come back again? Also what are the time periods? Thanks

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Openbite: Surgery or Non-surgical Treatment

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Open bites vary a great deal from patient to another.  Some are due to skeletal growth imbalances, some to previous thumb habits, others to tongue function, and still others to airway problems.  Often a number of these factors can combine to create the open bite.  Even though your problem seems "severe" it may not require surgery.  The only way to know what the best treatment would be is to visit an orthodontist and get an accurate diagnosis.  Not only will this provide you with answers about the best treatment, it will also allow you to learn how the treatment and post-treatment retention will work to prevent the open bite from coming back.

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