Advice on Proper Treatment for Open Bite?

I am a 25-year old male who's life has been greatly affected by an anterior open bite. I had no idea how complex a problem this is when I recently underwent orthodontic treatment using Invisalign. This turned out to be a disaster. After about 6 months, I told the orthodontist that the aligners added too much strain to my lips when closing my mouth. They told me I'd basically have to start over in traditional braces to get the surgery needed to correct the bite. Something I can't really afford. I decided to just discontinue treatment. But can anyone tell me the proper course of treatment to correct open bite? I'd greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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Treatment for Open Bite

The amount of open bite is the question. If it is small, orthodontics alone should do the trick. If it is large, a surgical approach combined with orthodontics would be necessary. However, many people continue to function with their open bite untreated.

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